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Visual Story-Telling Wedding Cinematographer

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Our job is to make sure you have the images that will keep all your memories alive. From weddings to 50-year anniversaries, our expertise and understanding of how video touches hearts and minds resounds every time we hold the camera. Video is our craft. Cinematography is our passion.

What we can offer

Director’s Cut from 30-60 minutes

Highlight Reel from 3-10 minutes

Cloud and/or External Memory options

One or two cinematographers

Turnkey Solutions – Simplified for you!

Photography Too @ Trans4mation Photography!

Toolkit we provide:

  1. Mics on/for all main participants
  2. Multiple cameras (hand-held and tripods)
  3. 4K+ High Definition Video downsampled for social media
  4. Graphics, music, and latest video story-telling and editing styles

Packages made simple:

  1. One cinematographer for 6, 8, or 10, hours
  2. Two Cinematographers for 6, 8, or 10 hours
  3. Collections start at $2,500. 
  4. Ask me about additional packages, options and pricing!


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Out sister company, Trans4mation Photography, offers award-winning fine-art wedding photography. Check them out here! 

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